EasyCat Motion Mouse


Cat’s love chasing mice. It’s been that way since time began. The EasyCat Motion Mouse™ is the perfect interactive hunting toy for your Cat, keeping it entertained for hours!
As cat owners, we can often forget that cats aren’t meant to be indoors! In their natural habitat, they are the ultimate hunter! Their days would consist of stalking prey, giving chase… and maybe the occasional nap!. However, now domesticated, this has done a full 180!
We know that keeping your kitty indoors in good for its health. However, in doing so, your baby is missing out key factors for a healthy, happy life. Because, at home their hunting instinct is chronically under stimulated. This can lead to long term issues such as: Depression, Obesity, Diabetes… in some cases even Death.
However, the EasyCat Motion Mouse banishes all those worries. Designed by leading Cat psychologists to speak to the feline hunting mind, the toy provides endless hours of fun for your baby.
✓ Realistic furry mouse, giving your cat the most authentic hunting experience (without the mess!)
✓ Hours of mouse chasing fun, keeping your cat fit, healthy and mentally stimulated
✓ Sturdy, long-lasting design, requires no batteries, simply place it infront of your cat and watch your baby play!
✓ Comes in 2 different colors.

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