Watch Repair Kit


Buying watch through the net is common nowadays, but how do you resize or repair the the watch? You’ll have to visit the watch store and ask for their help. With this Watch Repair Kit, you can now resize and repair watch yourself! Every watch collector need this as part of their collection as it is handy, compact and light weight. These tools ensure you the safest way for you to avoid any scratches on your precious watch!
Using the remover is simple, turn the handle anti-clockwise to align the pin, place your watch chain on the platform (fits strap width up to 28mm) and turn the handle clockwise to align the handle pin towards the watch chain’s pin. Once you feel the pressure on the handle pin pushing the watch chain’s pin, turn your handle slowly until you manage to pull out the watch chain’s pin using your finger. The material of the pin are made out of brass and stainless steel, it last much longer than those only stainless steel pins. Most of the pin removers use a small handle, but this larger model makes it easier to remove pins.
The clamp and case opener can easily grip and remove any watch case for repair or battery changing purpose.

1.Adjustable Case Opener – excellent for opening waterproof cases up to 34mm
2.Spring bar remover for strap adjustment/replacement
3.Antimagnetic screwdriver for removing battery covers
4.Antimagnetic stainless steel tweezers for removing and inserting batteries
5.Comes with a carrying case
Package Include:
1x Case Opener
1x Carrying Case
1x Spring Bar Clamp
1x Pin Remover
1x Spring Remover
1x Watch Mini Container
1x Stainless Steel Tweezers
1x Watch Case Pry Opener (with yellow ergo handle)
3x Pin Punches (0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm)
3x Precision Anti-magnetic Screwdrivers (1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.6mm)
18x Case Opener Pins

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