Vintage Retro Digital Office Clock


Antique office clock vintage Digital clock LED Retro table personalized brief art clock silent watch gift small electronic clock

Type: Desk Clocks
Movement Type: Wave movement
Diameter: 60 mm
Length: 60 mm
Motivity Type: Digital
Width: 60 mm
Display Type: Digital
Shape: Square
Style: Personalized Customization
Material: Bamboo & Wooden
Sheet Size: 3"
Feature: LUMINOVA,Antique Style
Function: Acoustic Control Sensing
Weight: 90 g
Model Number: 5542X
Type: Desk Clocks
color: thermometer voice control desktop projector
size: 60*60*60MM
Advantage: nonradiative/radiationless
luminance: 18:00-07.00 half luminance
time mode: 12/24dispatch
alarm: there groups alarm set
table clock: Mediterranean/European/America/Brief style
alarm clock: pastoral/rustic/romantic/elegant style
desktop clock: Led luminous clock



Time display: 12-hour or 24-hour mo

Dual Power Supply: DC 5V-6V input or AAA battery,Pc USB port is available (Suggest to use USB cable)




Size: 150*40*70mm (LxWxH)

Package Include


1 x LED Alarm Clock

1 x Date Cable

1 x User Manual

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Some FAQs about the clock from the Manufacturer:


1. Q: The wooden clock is original wood ?

A: No ,This clock is made of imitation wood with surface PVC, all original wood surface is difficult to display digital effects.(PS:The clock skinning process by hand and the distant transportation so hard to avoid have some little flaw, but will not affect the normal use, so the customers who appearance of the clock to the technological requirements of "pursue perfection" please take carefully !)


2. Q: The clock will take power or charge a lot ? How long can be used only by 4 pcs of "AAA" batteries?

A: It will not take much power .However, user operate by batteries and open sound control usually can consistently use about 6-10 days, but closed sound control only can use about 3-7 days approx. It is recommended to use high capacity of AAA alkaline batteries, acid battery will greatly affect the normal life of the clock . (PS: Suggest to use USB cable , can greatly prolong the service life of the clock.)


3. Q:Regarding to the a little bit difference of temperature degree?

A: When clock works and display, there will be a difference in the temperature of 1-3 degrees to professional thermometer. ( PS:The temperature from the micro-digital electronic sensor chip, when you get clock please wait for some time and reset the clock)

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