Welcome to Innovative Products | Portal

Welcome to Innovative Products | Portal

Welcome to INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS | PORTAL (IPP) - Your portal to cool and innovative lifestyle products for personal living.

IPP is designed with you in mind - with six (6) main categories to serve you great product lines:

  • Home and Lifestyles - Shop our Home and Lifestyles area for everything you need for your home - inside and out. We carry a variety of products including outdoor essentials, bedding and bath, small unique furniture decor and housekeeping essentials.  We don’t forget about the kitchen needs, along with gourmet, chef and bar items too.  From time to time we might feature small speciality appliances and much more.
  • Fashion and Beauty - Explore our extensive area just for women - fashion and beauty personal care products designed around our ladies needs.
  • Travel - You’re traveling and you need things; luggage, security items, backpacks, creature comforts, etc…  we have you covered.  Check here for our neat innovative products to keep you organized and on your path for successful travel.
  • Health and Fitness - We offer an extensive selection of health, fitness products and slimming aids to help you with weight management and overall healthy living.
  • Mens Only - Gentleman: Start your engines!  This area of the site is dedicated to you… Outfit your closet or reach for that special accessory here, for the man that has (or needs) everything.
  • PetZone by IPP - For our animal lovers! A large catalog of items dedicated to show your love and affection for your beloved pet. 
  • Trending Products  - Here you can enjoy the newest coolest trending gadgets for the home or personal use.  Each of our key areas will have a segment for trending products so make sure you check them all out. 

Our goal is to give you a great shopping experience with interesting products to chose from, while giving you a great visual experience.  With over 40 collections and over 6,000 speciality products to chose from, we’re bound to have something of interest for you.  

If you don’t see something in particular you’re looking for, give us a tap and we’ll try to find and secure it for you.  We’re always open to suggestions.  

Enjoy your time with us and thanks so much for visiting.  Make sure you join our newsletter as we provide lots of good information and discounts to our repeat customers. 

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