Make a wish and save it too!

Make a wish and save it too!

Are friends and family members asking you what they can give you this year?  Or, are you asking yourself the question: what do I give as a gift to my friends and family?

Create wish lists or a personal gift registry for any occasion, easily and privately accessible to you with IPP's new offering: WishLists!  

WishList IndicationOur WishList control panel is much more than a mere listing of all the products you'd like from our site - it's a living app that keeps track of our inventory control, activity and other metrics from our site. It helps reduce shopping cart clutter since now you have a way of keeping on tap all the cool items you see, but aren't ready to buy yet.  WishLists are mutually beneficial:  They give you an easy way to keep and remind you of a product you really like and your interest helps us to measure product interest beyond a purchase. Your friends here at IPP are always looking for innovative ways to stay engaged with you and make your shopping experience with us easier. 

As the number of shoppers that use mobile devices to research and order online increase, it has been our discovery that WishLists are becoming more and more relevant to the eCommerce experience.  It was recently announced that just over half of all U.S. consumers will use a computer device of some sort to research merchandise.  Of these customers, 60-70% highlight they will use their tablet or smartphone to help make direct online purchases.  With so many people using the power of handheld devices now, it's no wonder we live and operate in a go-go society -  Wish lists are a middle ground between purchasing and forgetting: oftentimes our customers aren't ready to order, but want to remember the product for the future! We want to be there when they're ready.  

Shopping online for friends and family is simpler on IPP with WishList functions.  Once you start using it, you won't want to be without it.  Activation of the WishList is ready - all that's needed is to login into IPP as a customer/user.  If you don't have a user-account, just click the sign-up link at the top of any screen and create an account

IPP Sign-up Screen

We've made this even easier with our social media easy login now - you can login with any one of your social media accounts now (prevents you from having to type in your information).  Once you're in our system - you'll see the WishList Badge on the left side of all pages. That's where your active WishList resides - Click it and you'll see this:  

WishList Quick SummaryThis list shows it has 25 actives items, with the last added item showing at the top of the screen.  

Once a WishList is complete, the creator can send it to friends and family in anticipation of holidays, birthdays or life events with the click of a button.  We use standard social media sharing tools, so it's just a point and click to share your lists.  If a consumer is unfamiliar with an eCommerce store's products and would like to buy an item as a gift, he or she may not know where to start. Rather than walking into a brick-and-mortar store and discussing options with a sales representative, these buyers can refer to WishLists on eCommerce sites to better understand what items they should be purchasing.   Our users love them!

 Another added feature of our WishList function gives the customer an indicator if their item of interest is also being monitored by others.





WishList Item Counter 

















WishList Item Selected



In the above example, the first picture shows the open heart (2), which means two others have placed this on our WishList. In the second picture, this shows we have added an item to our WishList (heart is now colored in) and the counter is 1, which means we're the first one to add this item.   We hope you'll use and enjoy the WishList feature.  We strive at IPP to give our customers the very best in the shopping experience.  Remember to make a wish and save it - Happy Shopping! 


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