IPP Gift Picks

IPP Gift Picks

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Short on time?  Need great gift ideas on what to grab for loved ones?  This month we focus on you, our customers with our newest offering - IPP Gift Picks.  We listen to our customers and pay attention to what you care about... 

As our online offering evolves, we strive to add value whenever we can.  IPP is here to help you find the best gift for any and every occasion.  Finding and buying the right gift can be a stressful activity.  Our product shoppers search for the best gift products in effort to make your life easier.  In essence, we've done most of all the heavy lifting and hard work for you.   There's nothing better than receiving something extra special that you (or a loved one) would normally never treat themselves to.  Scanning our "Gift Picks" is a great way to quickly find great gifts that are tried and true.  Buy with confidence in knowing your loved ones will absolutely love the selections. 

As you read through our gift picks, there is one common theme;  great items at great prices!  Each month,  you can scan our site for the identified unique Gift Picks badged/labeled items.  Let these items help inspire you and show how much you care for your loved ones.  The best part - all while not breaking the budget!

  • This month’s IPP Gift Pick - Trackers

Maybe there is a sport your loved one used to do or desires to take up; has fallen out of practice or habit, or possibly an activity you're contemplating of doing together? It's probably a good idea to invest in a tracker, or matching trackers (his and hers) so you can enjoy the activity together.  We have many options you can choose from.  Our staff use trackers, with some having their own personal favorites. You might be surprised; with instant feedback and motivational milestones, you might not want to be without it!

Activity trackers are not just for the health nuts, in fact, they make cool gifts for anyone who enjoys getting out and having some fun, which also includes the children. This is the type of gift that really comes from the heart and provides accountability to both yourself and others that are participating in the activities with you.  Shared interest not only gives you things to share and talk about together, but it also injects motivation.  Motivation is something we all can use a boost of from time to time.  

Lastly, if you're a competitive type A contributor - weekly challenges with your accountability partner are other great ways to get active.  Utilizing your tracker(s) will also help you keep score, while monitoring those key vitals we don't want to take for granted.  Having fun, but staying safe is key to any healthy lifestyle. 

The bottom line, invest in your health and your partners health if you have one.  Doing things together with partners helps keep you healthy and happy, which also shows how much you care about each others' well being.  

For more information on our trackers - click here. 

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Lynda O'Neill
Lynda O'Neill

February 20, 2017

Very inspirational, I am going to get one for myself and also for my grand daughter so we can have fun tracking together as a fun activity. Create some memories as well as good habits :)
thanks for a great idea for a gift!

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